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All PR initiatives for BPerfect Cosmetics over a 12 month period


Build & maintain BPerfect Cosmetics' brand presence in the Irish market.


Goal 1: Awareness within the brand's targeted demographic

Goal 2: Strategic partnerships & creatives to elevate brand within the Irish beauty landscape


VRPR managed all PR initiatives from high-end photoshoots to influencer collaborations, press events, product launches, press drops to media & influencers, and editorial campaign placements.


Goal 1: BPerfect Cosmetics was featured 258 times in the Irish media, generating a media value of €2.5 million and a media reach of 17.6 million people.

Goal 2: 25 million social eyeballs via press drops, events and collaborations.

Samples of high-end shoots & events all coordinated by VRPR


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