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The Couture Club pop-up launch at Dundrum Town Centre


Create & maintain awareness of the Couture Club's physical presence in Ireland for 4 months.


Goal 1: Mass awareness

Goal 2: Maintain reputation as a leading fashion lifestyle brand


In addition to featured editorial campaigns in Ireland’s leading media, VRPR strategically and intermittently booked prominent, brand-aligned celebrities who were guaranteed to generate buzz in the Irish media, including the Irish-exclusive on Ryan Thomas, who was crowned Celebrity Big Brother winner one week prior to his appearance at VRPR’s client event.


Goal 1: Press from the event generated €1.3m with a media reach of 8.6 million people.

Goal 2: VRPR strategically booked relevant celebrities & invited Irish influencers with followers who fit the Couture Club's target audience, leading to a reach of 9 million social eyeballs.

Pre-launch editorials & press releases, brand-aligned influencers & multiple 'meet & greets' with relevant Love Island & Coronation Street celebrities


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