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Bellamianta x Maura Higgins 'Glow Gorgeous Gift Set' product launch


Build a PR strategy around the product launch that maximises the media's interest in Maura Higgins.


Goal 1: Create anticipation via pre-launch media spreads

Goal 2: Resonate with core audience to drive sales


Pre-launch photoshoot, press release & photocall followed by an event with strategic influencers. VRPR organised every aspect of the event, which was hosted by Maura Higgins.


Goal 1: €810k media value, a 2.8 million media reach and 3.8m social eyeballs.

Goal 2: The influencers in attendance, who were strategically selected & invited by VRPR, shared product links during the event, leading to the gift sets selling out in Ireland and the UK before the brunch had ended.

Examples of photoshoots & PR initiatives implemented as part of the overall product launch


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