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Product launch of Voduz Hair's New Spectrum 3-in-1 Waver


Create a buzz across traditional & social media with the launch of Voduz Hair's new game-changing product.


Build on Voduz Hair's strong brand reputation to launch a new product to the Emerald Isle. Loved across the Emerald Isle and afar, Voduz has become a go-to brand for all of your hair care needs, and there’s no stopping Brendan & Denise as they continue to innovate and create tools and products that push boundaries.


Coordinated the entire event at the Baths Clontarf, invited Ireland's top influencers, wrote pre & post press releases, and sent out red carpet press photographs across Irish media.


Mainstream coverage and millions of social eyeballs via VRPR-curated guest list of top influencers sharing stories on socials.

Photos of the launch: A great event is requires an eye for aesthetics & attention to detail


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